• For The Older BeginnerAccelerated Piano Adventures Level 2 – Technique

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    Technique & Artistry Book 2 combines “Technique Secrets” from levels 2A and 2B with new exercises and “Artistry Magic” pieces that correlate with Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2. These elegantly simple “technique secrets” build a solid technical foundation for the older beginner and are used as daily warm-ups throughout the book. Students are guided to produce a variety of pianistic motions always with the purpose of creating artistic sounds.

    • Captain Hook’s Rockin’ Party
    • Chord Etude No. 1
    • Chord Etude No. 2
    • D Scale Journey
    • Dancin’ to the CD
    • Deck the Halls with Lots of C Scales
    • Etude in C
    • Gusts of Wind
    • I Thought I Heard the Entertainer!
    • L.H. Round-up
    • Long, Long Ago (Theme and Variation)
    • MIRAGE
    • Maracas!
    • Mystery Waltz
    • Paris Taxi Ride (Running for the Taxi; Past a French Bakery; Around the Art Museum; To the Eiffel To
    • Pedal Pizzazz
    • Pirate Ship Story (The Captain’s Footsteps; Stowaway in a Barrel; Counting the Jewels; Storm at Sea
    • R.H Round-up
    • Rise and Shine Chords
    • Running with Scales!
    • Sixths Are Everywhere!
    • Slow as Molasses Blues
    • Smooth Sailing
    • Tennis Match!
    • The King’s Royal Exit
    • The Potato Chip Thief
    • Thumb Extension Studies
    • Tiger by the Tail!
    • Tightrope Walk
    • Touchdown Tune
    • Track Meet
    • Up-Down Pedal Magic
    • View from an Airplane
    • Walter Slide 2
    • Water Slide 1
    • Winner’s Waltz
    • Zebras Running



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