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    Developing Your Weaker Hand in Modern Grooves. Level: Intermediate / Advanced

    Advanced Groove Concepts is a collection of intermediate to advanced level grooves and patterns applicable to all modern styles of music. The focus of the book is to develop the ability to play varied and sometimes complex patterns between the hands while keeping a solid groove, reminiscent of some of the legendary funk and fusion drummers, all while building the weaker hand into a groove-creating engine. Starting with repetitive hi-hat/ride patterns, the book progresses through various ghost notes variations and then combines non-repetitive riding patterns with varied snare drum combinations containing accents and ghost notes. These grooves are practiced with various bass drum combinations. The book can be practiced by right-handed and left-handed drummers, and it can also be played with an open-handed approach. Included is a data disc containing seven videos and 159 audio examples performed by the author, including a bonus performance video!


    Advanced Groove Concepts by Sam Aliano

    Advanced Groove Concepts by Sam Aliano

    Advanced Groove Concepts by Sam Aliano


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