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    Prior to the development of Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin, rosin was generically made for all instruments with players being forced to use rosins which were not formulated with the individual instrument’s requirements. For that matter, the violin, viola, and cello players were using identical kegs of rosin.

    Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Rosin has corrected this problem so that each string player has the option of having not only their own specifically formulated rosin, but in the case of the cellist, both a normal and slightly tackier medium grade. For the bassist, there is an option of Hard, All-Weather or Soft Grade to accommodate personal preferences. Through much tedious research and experimentation, as a result Kolstein Music has produced the Kolstein Rosins specifically formulated for each instrument and each individual player’s needs.

    Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin is composed of the finest ingredients, created through a high degree of product control in strict accord with the developed formula. A minimum curing period for a predetermined time is a requirement for all the bass rosin. In addition, such features as hand pouring and packaging in a specially designed roll-down silicon unique containerization , all contribute to the superior quality of Kolstein’s rich dark textured rosin.

    The rosin is available in a deluxe line which consists of a protective silicon packaging  that affords the bassist a rosin packaging that keep the bass rosin fresh,  and prevents any kind of melting out of older packaging. The silicon rosin housing then is put in an attractive gold foil container; esthetic and protective for the professionals’ needs, but practically sized with easy storage in mind. Kolstein’s Formulation Supreme Bass Rosin can be acquired in several grades (Hard, All Weather, and Soft) to meet the musicians’ personal preference, as well as the geographic and climatic conditions that prevail where the rosin will be used.

    As with all Kolstein Formulation Supreme Rosins, they have the feature of indefinite shelf-life; that is, it will never dry out and crystallize. Once used, the rosin will show a continual wetting action allowing for easy powdering on the strings and instrument.

    Through extensive research and experimentation, Kolstein Bass Rosin has attained this unique and revolutionary Formulation Supreme. The result is bass rosin which has been fully acclaimed by the finest international soloist and ultra-professional orchestral and recording artists.

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