• Alto SaxophoneYanagisawa AWO10 Elite Series Alto Saxophone

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  • Product Overview

    The Yanagisawa Elite Series replaces the A99x series. The Yanagisawa AWO10 features ribbed body construction for a richer, more complex tone. The new WO Series bore will redefine what players expect from a professional alto saxophone. With the Yanagisawa AWO10, they no longer will players feel they have to sacrifice tone in favor of response & intonation. For more information call 610.696.1812, Ext. 104 or email band@taylorsmusic.com

    The Yanagisawa AWO10 features all of the standard Yanagisawa A99x series mechanical improvements such as:

    *Connected C#-B roller
    *Underslung octave mechanism
    *Double arm construction on the Low C & B keys
    *The Yanagisawa AWO10 further builds on the A99x platform with a new front F key design, new right-hand side keys, and a redesigned right-hand pinky cluster. A new case and engraving pattern have also been added.


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