• Mouthpieces/LigaturesBackun Moba TRT Clarinet Mouthpiece

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    When Ricardo Morales and Morrie Backun discussed the idea of manufacturing Clarinet mouthpieces, they were faced with one question: How do we create a mouthpiece that is tailored to every player? With no simple answer, the two set out to redesign the mouthpiece from tip to table.

    MoBa Bb Mouthpieces need no introduction; after all, they’re played on major concert stages around the world. With twelve models in our line-up, finding your ultimate mouthpiece is closer, or wider, than you think.

    TRT: The TRT has the playability and flexibility of the Legend, but allows for a larger column of airflow. Excellent for solo or large ensemble work. Tip opening of 1.09.

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