• Basic Piano CourseBasic Piano Course 1A – Recital Book

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    The Recital Books congratulate students for a job well done by providing correlated repertoire to their Lesson Books that are based on concepts they’ve already learned. As a result, the pieces are quickly mastered. Included in Recital 1A are familiar favorites such as “Lost My Partner” and “Tumbalalaika,” and fun originals like “Charlie the Chimp!” and “My Secret Place.”

    • The Call of the Horn 
    • Charlie, the Chimp! 
    • Christopher Columbus 
    • Come Buy My Balloons! 
    • Come Fly! 
    • Come to My House! 
    • Echo Song 
    • Favorite Words 
    • Gee, We’re Glad 
    • Hymn of Praise 
    • The Joke’s On Us! 
    • Lost My Partner! 
    • Morning Prayer 
    • Mrs. Murphy’s House 
    • My Favorite Day! 
    • My Secret Place 
    • Old Joe Clark 
    • Pastorale 
    • The Popcorn Man 
    • Quiet River 
    • A Riddle 
    • Robin Hood 
    • Rock Anywhere! 
    • Sailor Jack 
    • Strange Story 
    • Sunshine! 
    • Tumbalalaika 
    • Who Built the Ark? 
    • Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Recital Book (Level 1A)Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Recital Book (Level 1A)


    • AL-2112

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