• Basic Piano CourseBasic Piano Course: Recital Book 2

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    The Recital Books congratulate students for a job well done by providing correlated repertoire to their Lesson Books that are based on concepts they’ve already learned. As a result, the pieces are quickly mastered. Included are such familiar favorites as “Clementine” and “Arkansas Traveler,” and originals with a classical feel like “Divertimento in D” and “Rondo.”

    • Arkansas Traveler  Composed by American Folk Tune
    • Bell Song 
    • Bourree and Musette 
    • Clementine  Composed by American Folk Tune
    • Come and Dance the Polka! 
    • Divertimento in D  Composed by Willard A. Palmer
    • Evening Song 
    • Fiesta! 
    • Hoe Down! 
    • Plaisir d’Amour  Composed by Giovanni Battista Martini
    • Rockin’ on 6! 
    • Rondo 
    • The Streets Of Laredo  Composed by American Folk Tune
    • Tango Staccato 
    • Toymaker’s Dance 
    • Waltzing Triads 
    • Wash-Day Boogie 
    • Alfred's Basic Piano Course - Recital Book (Level 2)


    • AL-2114

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