• Basic Piano CourseBasic Piano Course: Repertoire Book 3

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    The Repertoire Books contain attractive compositions from the 17th century to the present. The pieces have been organized in progressive order and meet the requirements of many piano festivals, auditions and competitions. The books may also be used as sight reading material or a supplement to other method books.

    Novelette Harriet Hardy (contributor)
    A Momentous Occasion Amanda Vick Lethco (composer); Willard Palmer (composer)
    Bagatelle Anton Diabelli (composer)
    Blues in D Amanda Vick Lethco (composer); Willard Palmer (composer)
    Capriccio Allegro Karl Gossec (contributor)
    Courtly Dance Ignaz Joseph Pleyel (composer)
    Distant Bells Jean Louis Streabbog (composer)
    Etude Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
    Etude in A Minor Louis Köhler (composer)
    Fanfare William Duncombe (composer)
    Folk Song Béla Bartók (composer)
    Follow the Leader Cornelius Gurlitt (composer)
    Friendly Conversation Ferdinand Beyer (contributor)
    Hungarian Folk Dance Béla Bartók (composer)
    In Hot Pursuit Amanda Vick Lethco (composer); Willard Palmer (composer)
    Minuet Leopold Mozart (composer)
    Minuet in F Major Leopold Mozart (composer)
    Prelude in G Major Johann Sebastian Bach (composer)
    Song Without Words Louis Köhler (composer)
    Summer Song Anatol Liadov (composer)
    The Wild Rider Robert Schumann (composer)
    Waltz in A Minor Jean-Jacques Dubois (contributor)
    Waltz in C Major Anton Diabelli (composer)

    Alfred's Basic Piano Course Repertoire, Book 3


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