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    The age-old sounds of Ireland, England, Scotland and early America come to life with this remarkable book and online audio. This tin whistle book is compatible with all tin whistles, pennywhistles and flageolets in the key of D. Renowned author/musician Bill Ochs has gone to great lengths to create a package that truly has something for everyone.

    The lessons are so clear and easy to follow that a complete beginner can learn to play a simple tune at first sitting. Intermediate and advanced players will enjoy exploring this book’s exciting collection of traditional music. There are 83 pieces in all – gigs, reels, hornpipes, fife tunes, slow airs, Highland flings, morris dances and lots more. Each piece is played on the online audio by renowned New York tin whistle teacher, Bill Ochs. An advanced ornamentation tutorial is also included with key of D. Includes access to online audio.

    For Beginning Players: An Easy-To-Use Learning Method – No previous knowledge of music is required. Using tablature based on the first seven letters of the alphabet, the complete beginner can learn to play a simple tune in a matter of minutes. Then through a specially selected series of folk tunes, beginners are carefully guided through all the basics of playing, one step at a time.

    For Intermediate Players: A Great Collection of Traditional Music – Those who already know the basics are sure to enjoy exploring the book’s outstanding selection of traditional tunes — rollicking pieces such as The Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre, The Oyster Wives’ Rant, Rufty Tufty, Hot Punch, For the Sakes of Old Decency and many, many more. The tunes have been specially chosen to demonstrate the wide range of the tin whistle’s musical possibilities.

    For Advanced Players: A Clear & Concise Guide to Ornamentation – For players who want to dress up their music, here’s a chance to learn the secrets of all those cuts, rolls, crans and strikes that give tin whistle playing its distinctive flavor. These techniques are thoroughly explained and demystified. A series of advanced lessons contains step-by-step breakdowns of each ornament, as well as tunes in which to practice the techniques.

    – How To Use This Book
    – Getting Started
    – First Notes
    – Tonguing
    – Three More Notes
    – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    – Practice Tunes
    – Completing The Scale
    – Sweet Betsy From Pike
    – Lesson One: The ABC’s of Music
    – The Muffin Man
    – Lesson Two: Another New Note – C Natural
    – Oranges and Lemons
    – Lesson Three: Quarter, Half, and Whole Notes
    – Go Tell Aunt Rhody
    – Lesson Four: Eighth Notes
    – Lesson Five: Sixteenth Notes
    – Lesson Six: Dotted Quarter and Half Notes
    – Lesson Seven: Dotted Eighth Notes
    – Lesson Eight: 6/8 Time
    – The Cat’s Jig
    – Lesson Nine: Slurring/High E
    – Lesson Ten: More Notes in the Upper Register
    – Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil
    – Tin Whistle Basic Fingerings
    The Tunes
    – Wallflowers
    – What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor
    – The Quaker’s Wife
    – Tim Finnegan’s Wake
    – Hey Diddle Dis
    – The Bonny, Bonny Broom
    – On The Road To Boston
    – Lil Liza Jane
    – The Wagoner’s Lad
    – The Eagle’s Whistle
    – The Parting Glass
    – Drummond Castle
    – Bonaparte’s Grand March
    Morris Dances
    – The Blue-Eyed Stranger
    – The Ladies Pleasure
    – Idbury Hill
    – The Boatman
    – The Trip To Tunbridge
    – Quick Scotch
    – The Gay Gordons
    – The Old Grey Cat
    – Ruffy Tufty
    High C#, D and Third Octave Notes
    Pipe and Tabor Tunes
    – I’ll Go and Enlist for a Sailor
    – Constant Billy
    Fife Tunes
    – Governor King’s March
    – The Boston March
    – The Girl I Left Behind Me
    – Kemp’s Jig
    – The Helston Furry
    Fiddle Tunes
    – Over the Waterfall
    – West Fork Gals
    Ornamentation in Irish Music
    Slurring (Review)
    More Cuts
    Rolls in Reels
    Short Rolls
    A Note About Breathing
    – The Durham Rangers
    – The Steamboat Hornpipe
    – Poll Hapenny
    – Scattery Island Slide
    – Maurice Manley’s Polka
    – Ryan’s Slip Jig
    – Brochan Lom
    – Will You Go To Sheriff Muir?
    – Hot Punch
    – Balmoral Castle
    – The Kilt is My Delight
    – The Oyster Wives’ Rant
    – The Muckin’O’ Geordie’s Byre
    – Old Cape Breton March
    – Cutty’s Wedding
    – Cion A’ Bhuntata
    – Marching the Soldier Along
    Slow Airs
    – Casadh An Tsugain
    – Uir-Chill A’Chreagain
    – For The Sakes of Old Decency
    – Jim Ward’s Jig
    – Rolling in the Barrel
    – The Boy That Shaved His Father
    – Johnny Mickey’s
    – Egan’s Polka
    – Pigtown
    – The Little Bag of Spuds
    – Sean Sa Cheo
    Fingering Chart


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