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    This book was conceived to provide the player with tunes well within the comfort range of the recorder and written in manageable keys. The beautiful melodies and spirited dance tunes in this book were carefully selected from the O’Neill and Roche volumes both for their playability and to reflect the spirit of the people of Celtic lands. Guitar chords included.

    Skill Level:
    Bright Black Rose
    Brown Thorn
    Darby’s Jig
    Dot’s Polka
    Enchanted Valley
    Fenian Stronghold
    George Gubbins
    I Leave You In Sadness
    I Love You My Darling
    Jerry Hornpipe
    Kitty Tyrell
    Ned Of The Hill
    Off To The Hunt
    On Lough Neagh’s Banks
    Parting Glass
    Sambradh Polka
    The Brink
    The Ellis Jig
    The Fair Little Child
    The Irish Boy
    The Old Jug
    The Traveller
    The Widowed Bride
    They Are Gone
    You’ll Not Deceive Me
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