• Kid's GuitarChildren’s Guitar Method Vol. 1 (Book + Online Audio/Video)

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    A popular and creative method for teaching guitar to young children. From the beginning, this method integrates chord playing with note reading. The student begins with simplified single-finger chord forms and strums as accompaniment to numerous well-known songs. Note reading is then methodically and carefully introduced. Written in standard notation. Includes access to online play-along recording and a full-length video.

    Skill Level:

    How to Select a Guitar

    The Guitar and its Parts

    How to Hold a Guitar

    Strumming the Strings

    Right Hand Position

    The Right Hand

    Two Ways To Tune The Guitar

    Pitch Pipes

    G Chord – EZ Form

    Strumming The G Chord

    Brother John – Sing and Play

    C Chord – EZ Form

    Three Blind Mice – Sing and Play

    Row, Row, Row Your Boat – Sing and Play

    G7 Chord – EZ Form

    Skip To My Lou

    London Bridge

    C Chord – Add Fourth String

    This Old Man

    3/4 Time

    Cowboy’s Song

    Pop Goes the Weasel

    Down – Up Strum

    He’s Got The Whole World

    Buffalo Gals

    The Full C Chord

    Try To Use The Full C Chord

    New Strum

    Polly Wolly Doodle

    Holding the Pick

    A Word About Picking

    Learning About Notes


    Playing E

    Rest Song

    E in 3/4

    Counting Song

    I Love Eating Donuts

    Don’t Step On Alligators


    F Is Fried Now Scratch Your Head

    Eating Cookies Makes Me Happy


    G is Gail Go Pet a Whale!

    Won’t You Climb The Stairs With Me

    Chasing Rabbits

    Up We Go In My Balloon

    See Saw


    B is Benji

    Benji is Eating Candy

    Bee Buzz


    C Is Chris

    Bee See C B


    Playing Notes on the 2nd String

    Happy Sounds

    Up And Down




    E and B


    Surprise Song

    Indian Drum


    Walking Over Hills

    Turkey Waltz

    D7 Chord

    Play Only the Top 4 Strings

    Down In The Valley

    Oh, My Darling Clementine

    Go Tell It On The Mountain

    Yankee Doodle

    Home on the Range

    Praise Him in the Morning


    Amazing Grace

    Peace Like A River

    Do Lord



    Gary and Ace


    Half Note

    Au Clair De La Lune

    Twinkle Little Star

    Jingle Bells

    There’s A Hole In The Bucket

    Yankee Doodle Solo

    Dotted Half Note

    Jacob’s Ladder

    Surprise Song

    Space Walk

    The Tie

    Red River Valley

    Whole Note


    Sample Page

    Sample Page

    Sample Page



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