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    With more than 90 years of piano making expertise at its core, the Kawai CN29 Digital Piano exemplifies the award-winning tradition of excellence that is uniquely Kawai. The improved piano sound source is that of the renowned Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano. Meticulously reproduced with our Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology, the CN29 delivers incredible piano tone. The Responsive Hammer III keyboard action, considered to be among the best available today, delivers unrivaled touch response. Amazingly crisp and clear, the next-generation OLED display is neatly tucked into the left side panel. The CN29’s powerful sound system features key components from audio equipment specialist Onkyo. Add Kawai standards such as USB capabilities, SHS headphone settings, Grand Feel Pedal System and Wireless Bluetooth MIDI, and the CN29 delivers a superior piano experience for all players. For more info or a live demo email tom@taylorsmusic.com or call 610.696.1812, Ext. 115.

    Product Highlights
    • NEW: Motherboard developed in partnership with Onkyo for improved tonal clarity
    • NEW: Speaker system developed by Onkyo, delivering superior sound
    • NEW: Updated control panel layout with modern OLED graphic display
    • Progressive Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology w/88-Note piano sampling
    • Class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action
    • Ivory touch key surfaces, let-off, triple sensor, counterweights
    • 19 exceptional instrument sounds
    • Bluetooth® MIDI
    • Built-in classical etudes, Chopin waltzes and Alfred lessons books
    • Grand Feel Pedal System
    • Modernized key cover appearance
    • Premium rosewood finish




    The CN29 offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait, employing Kawais proprietary Progressive Harmonic Imaging sampling technology to ensure smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range.


    The new class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action on the CN29 re-creates the exceptional touch of an acoustic grand piano with its realistic movement and rigid “springless” design working together to provide a smooth, natural piano playing experience. A triple-sensor key detection system enhances responsiveness and accuracy.



    The impressive CN29 features our highly-regarded Ivory Touch key surfaces This finely-textured material gently absorbs fingertip perspiration and oils to avoid slipping and provide greater playing control. Moisture is absorbed without dirt or grease permeating the key surfaces, allowing them to be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

    Ivory Touch Key Surfaces


    CN29 Speaker Output


    The new CN29 features a premium speaker and audio system developed by audio equipment specialist Onkyo delivering improved tonal clarity and superior sound. Lower-range frequencies are delivered through the underside of the instrument, while mid and high frequencies are projected outward via top-mounted speakers, closely mirroring the sound projection characteristics of an acoustic piano.

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