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    This new “Author’s Edition” includes, for the first time, all of the Company songs from the 1970 original Broadway production, and the songs cut from the show, with the original Stephen Sondheim piano/vocal arrangements revised by the author for this edition, and with his commentary. Contains 17 songs in all.

    • Another Hundred People (from COMPANY)
    • Barcelona (from COMPANY)
    • Being Alive (from COMPANY)
    • Company (from COMPANY)
    • Getting Married Today (from COMPANY)
    • Happily Ever After (from COMPANY)
    • Have I Got A Girl For You (from COMPANY)
    • The Ladies Who Lunch (from COMPANY)
    • The Little Things You Do Together (from COMPANY)
    • Marry Me A Little (from COMPANY)
    • Multitudes Of Amys (from COMPANY)
    • Poor Baby (from COMPANY)
    • Side By Side By Side (from COMPANY)
    • Someone Is Waiting (from COMPANY)
    • Sorry – Grateful (from COMPANY)
    • The Wedding Is Off (from COMPANY)
    • What Would We Do Without You? (from COMPANY)
    • You Could Drive A Person Crazy (from COMPANY)


    Company by Stephen Sondheim (1930-2021)


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