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    Introducing: The New Kawai DG30 digital baby grand piano!  This is the first affordable Kawai digital baby grand that features the latest in technology from Kawai Piano Company, featuring cutting edge Japanese technology that has won Kawai numerous awards in the Piano Industry. See all of the features at the bottom of this page. For more information or a live demo, contact tom@taylorsmusic.com or call 610.696.1812, Ext. 115.


    TONE: Rich, full acoustic piano tone from the world famous Shigeru Kawai SK-EX grand that provides warmth, richness and power.

    TOUCH: Class leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and Ivory Touch key surfaces for great piano touch  providing a more natural and realistic playing experience

    ONKYO SPEAKER SYSTEM: Powerful 4-speaker sound system developed in collaboration with premium audio specialists, Onkyo. Lower-range frequencies are delivered through the underside of the instrument, while mid and high frequencies are projected outward via top-mounted speakers, closely mirroring the sound projection characteristics of an acoustic piano.

    350 REALISTIC INSTRUMENTAL VOICES: Organs, harpsichords, electric pianos, synths, woodwinds, brass instruments etc. offer all the instruments of the rock band, symphony orchestra, and more!

    100 RHYTHMS: From pop, to rock, waltz, swing, and contemporary beats complete the combo.

    CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio expand the DG30’s functionality by connecting wirelessly with smart devices while using apps, including Kawai’s Virtual Technician and Sound Museum apps.

    MUSIC: On board classical, jazz and holiday piano music as well as piano lessons from Alfred method books, Burgmuller and Czerny built in.

    BABY GRAND CABINET: The attractive ebony polish cabinet offers modern style and elegance, along with long and short lid props for either full or partial lid positions.

    The Kawai DG30 Digital Grand Piano provides an inspiring piano playing experience while bringing beauty and elegance to any home.




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