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    This folio includes nine songs from Disney’s latest blockbuster Encanto, featuring an infectious soundtrack by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Songs are arranged for easy guitar with notes and tab along with strum and pick patterns and lyrics. Songs include: All of You • Colombia, Mi Encanto • Dos Oruguitas • The Family Madrigal • Surface Pressure • Two Oruguitas • Waiting on a Miracle • We Don’t Talk About Bruno • What Else Can I Do?

    • All Of You (from ENCANTO)
    • Colombia, Mi Encanto (from ENCANTO)
    • Dos Oruguitas (from ENCANTO)
    • The Family Madrigal (from ENCANTO)
    • Surface Pressure (from ENCANTO)
    • Two Oruguitas (from ENCANTO)
    • Waiting On A Miracle (from ENCANTO)
    • We Don’t Talk About Bruno (from ENCANTO)
    • What Else Can I Do? (from ENCANTO)



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