• Snare MethodsA Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum

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    “This option gets you the Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum book, the FREE 2004-2005 Pearl Total Percussion CD-ROM, the Vic Firth 40 Essential Rudiments poster PLUS THE ALL NEW “”GETTING OFF TO A GREAT START”” DVD! The 2 CD set makes the perfect companion to “”A Fresh Approach to the Snare Drum!”” The play-along audio CD is so much fun that students will have a hard time putting the book away! The new DVD includes video lessons on everything a beginner needs in order to have a successful start on the snare drum (drum set up, tuning, grip, stroke – everything through Lesson One). Also included is Vic Firth’s “”Video Tour of Percussion,”” featuring clips from famous artists and ensembles such as Buddy Rich, Gary Burton, Blue Devils and UMASS Marimba Ensemble. It’s a great way to learn about your beginning journey into the world of percussion!” 



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