• 1 Piano 4 HandsGershwin Three Preludes – Intermediate Piano Duets

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    NFMC 2020-2024 Selection

    Gershwin’s Three Preludes are arranged for piano duet (1 piano, 4 hands) by the master arranger Eugénie Rocherolle, making them fully accessible for intermediate-level pianists. The distinct combination of classical and jazz elements makes the preludes an essential part of any pianist’s repertoire, and now students of all ages can enjoy the full flavor of the pieces without the virtuoso technique usually required. This book-only collection is destined to become a staple of the piano duet repertoire for years to come! Allegro ben ritmato e deciso • Andante con moto e poco rubato • Agitato.

    • Prelude I (Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso)
    • Prelude III (Allegro Ben Ritmato E Deciso)
    • Prelude II (Andante Con Moto E Poco Rubato)



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