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    A quality Kawai baby grand with the latest Piano Disc wireless technology. Enjoy this video, and stop by for a complete demo to experience this wonderful modern piano for yourself.



    Kawai GL-10 Baby Grand w/Piano Disc iPad Player System

    The new iPad Player System from Piano Disc brings invisible technology and wireless control to your piano. You’ll love how easy it is to download, store, organize, and play your music. You can also enjoy endless entertainment with PianoDisc’s FREE Internet Streaming Radio Broadcast. Take advantage of the larger visual display on the iPad to view sheet music or simply watch Piano Video performances. The Kawai GL-10 baby grand, with its resonant tone and classic good looks, is an impressive addition to your home or studio. The GL-10 offers the same attention to detail and quality found in Kawai’s larger pianos – in a petite size to fit any room. The action design and components are the same Millenium III carbon fiber design as the more expensive GX Series pianos, which provides outstanding touch and reliability. This is the complete package for your home entertainment. For more information or a live demo, call 610.696.1812, Ext. 115 or email tom@taylorsmusic.com
                 Main Features                                                   Optional Player Features
         * Kawai “Ultra-Responsive” Action                                                                  * Pro Record  Feature
         * Exclusive ABS Styran Action                                                                          * General Midi Sounds
         * Exclusive Carbon Jack                                                                                     * Quiet Time 
         * Premium Spruce Soundboard
         * Full Sostenuto Pedal
         * Underfelted Hammers
         * Adjustable, Sliding Music Rack
         * Additional Finishes



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