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    Graduated Repertoire for the Classical Guitarist is a progressive series of repertoire books for the developing guitarist. As you turn from page to page in these volumes, each new piece presents an incrementally progressive set of new technical, musical, reading or interpretive challenges. The series is comprised of some of the most recognized and best-loved historical repertoire along with a generous offering of fresh, satisfying, and fun new pieces. With notes from the writers to guide you through each piece, Graduated Repertoire for the Classical Guitarist is your insightful and compelling navigator on the journey to becoming a great guitarist! Intermediate Level.

    • Estudio  Composed by Andrew Zohn
    • Ode to Joy  Composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven;Arranged by Andrew Zohn
    • Moderato  Composed by Johan Kaspar Mertz
    • Rush Hour in Huronia (Huron Carol)  Composed by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Tribute  Composed by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Waltz No. 1, from Op. 59  Composed by Matteo Carcassi
    • Folias  Composed by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Tremolino Etude  Composed by Andrew Zohn
    • Andante No. 1  Composed by Ferdinando Carulli
    • Sur Le Pont D’Avignon  Arranged by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Homesick (Un Canadien Errant)  Composed by Traditional Canadian Folk Song;Arranged by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Las palmas  Composed by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Allegretto  Composed by Ferdinando Carulli
    • Sun Dance  Composed by Shawn Bell
    • Tempura  Composed by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Waltz No. 3, from Op. 59  Composed by Matteo Carcassi
    • Sciapodus  Composed by Shawn Bell
    • Nativity (Il est ne le divin enfant)  Composed by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Romantic Waltz  Composed by Andrew Zohn
    • Bonnie Jean’s Song  Composed by Andrew Zohn
    • The Messenger’s Pavan  Arranged by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Theme from The William Tell Overture  Composed by Gioachino Rossini;Arranged by Jeffrey McFadden
    • Maracatu  Composed by Andrew Zohn
    • Allegro  Composed by Carl Blum
    • Andante  Composed by Anton Diabelli
    • Angels We Have Heard On High  Arranged by Andrew Zohn
    • Etude  Composed by Francisco Tarrega
    • Andante No. 2, from Op. 241, No. 5  Composed by Ferdinando Carulli


    Graduated Repertoire for the Classical Guitarist, Book 2 by Jeffrey McFadden and Andrew Zohn


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