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    28 piano solos for the music that envelops you as you lose yourself in the world of video games, including: Angry Birds Theme • Assassin’s Creed Revelations • Battlefield Theme • Dragonborn (Skyrim Theme) • Elder Scrolls: Oblivion • Main Theme from Final Fantasy I • Overture from God of War III • Mass Effect: Suicide Mission • Minecraft: Sweden • Rage of Sparta from God of War III • Uncharted Theme • and more.

    • Angry Birds Theme
    • Assassin’s Creed III Main Title
    • Assassin’s Creed Revelations
    • Baba Yetu (from the Video Game CIVILIZATION IV)
    • Battlefield 1942 Theme
    • Bounty Hunter (from ADVENT RISING)
    • Bratja (Brothers) (from FULL METAL ALCHEMIST)
    • Dearly Beloved (from KINGDOM HEARTS)
    • Don’t Forget (from DELTARUNE (TM))
    • Dragonborn (Skyrim Theme)
    • Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
    • Eyes On Me (from FINAL FANTASY VIII)
    • Theme From Fallout(R) 4
    • Main Theme (Final Fantasy I) (from FINAL FANTASY I)
    • Main Theme (Final Fantasy VII) (from FINAL FANTASY VII)
    • Overture (from GOD OF WAR III)
    • The Last Of Us
    • Main Theme (from THE LONG DARK: WINTERMUTE)
    • Mass Effect: Suicide Mission
    • Megalovania (from UNDERTALE (R))
    • Metal Gear Solid – Sons Of Liberty
    • Minecraft: Sweden
    • Muse (from ADVENT RISING)
    • Rage Of Sparta (from GOD OF WAR III)
    • Sadness And Sorrow (from the television series NARUTO)
    • Splinter Cell: Conviction
    • Uncharted: Nate’s Theme (from UNCHARTED: DRAKE’S FORTUNE)
    • Uncharted Theme (from UNCHARTED: DRAKE’S FORTUNE)


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