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    A Beginner’s Guide with Step-by-Step Instruction for Piano

    Piano for Teens is a fun, easy course designed for young adults who want to learn how to play the piano or keyboard faster than ever before. Popular songs like “All of Me,” “Hallelujah,” “Hello,” “Roar,” “Shake It Off,” “We Will Rock You” and classical favorites like Beethoven’s “Für Elise” all include clear instruction allowing students to progress and play each new song with confidence. The clean, simple page layouts ensure that new concepts are clearly presented. Songs progress in a logical sequence so students can learn valuable musical skills while playing music they want to learn.

    • All Of Me
    • Au Clair De La Lune
    • Blackbird
    • Can You Feel The Love Tonight
    • Feel The Beat
    • Follow The Leader
    • Fur Elise, WoO 59
    • Garage Band
    • Hallelujah
    • Happy Birthday To You
    • Hello
    • Hiccup Rap
    • Honking Horns
    • Hot Cross Buns
    • In My Dreams
    • In The Bag
    • Let It Go
    • Menuet En Rondeau
    • Merrily We Roll Along
    • Mozart On Stage
    • Mozart’s Tune
    • Oh Yay, It’s Friday
    • Over The Rainbow
    • Rhythm Rap
    • Roar
    • Rock That Boat
    • Shake It Off
    • Symphony No. 6, Fifth Movement
    • There’s A Song In My Keyboard
    • Too Much Homework
    • We Will Rock You



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