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    Piano Book & Online Audio  Level: Intermediate

    The Intermediate Piano Sonata Collection gathers together 9 complete sonatas that are at an intermediate to early advanced level. Featuring works by Beethoven, Anna Bon, Haydn, Mozart and Robert Schumann, it provides the highest quality music and many years of study. Each sonata is accompanied by a live recording, background information, playing tips and musicianship activities; students are also encouraged to use the Sonata Music Map to analyze each work in detail themselves.

    Piano sonatas are a fundamental part of the piano repertoire, but many students miss out on these masterpieces because they so rarely play a complete sonata — often only individual movements are available and subsequent movements can be too difficult. This collection aims to introduce the intermediate pianist to complete sonatas. Through it, players will gain a greater understanding of what they are playing, enhancing their interpretation and developing their musicianship.


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