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    Transcribed and Edited by Larry Clark. The Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello are some of the frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions ever written. This pieces have been meticulously transcribed for the trombone, keeping the integrity of the original Bach compositions while making them more idiomatic. These pieces hold up in any setting and are now available to a whole new group of instrumentalist to enjoy with this wonderfully edited collection. A must have for any serious teacher or student of the trombone.
    The six suites for unaccompanied cello by Johann Sebastian Bach have become some of the most popular and most frequently performed pieces for any instrument. Because of the quality of these works, they have been transcribed for numerous instruments, including this new edition specifically for the trombone. Much about the origins of the suites is unknown, as an original manuscript in Bach’s own hand does not exist. The first record of the suites is from a manuscript in the hand of Bach’s second wife Anna Magdalena. Two other manuscripts of the suites that have survived from Bach’s time: one by J. P. Kellner, the other by J. J. H. Westphal. Both were avid music collectors at the time. The difficulty with coming up with any kind of definitive collection of these piece is that all three of the manuscripts seem to contain errors, making it difficult to know exactly what were Bach’s intentions. Although enormously popular today, the suites were not all that popular in Bach’s time. It wasn’t until the famous cellist Pablo Casals discovered these pieces as a child and later recorded the suites in 1936 that their popularity soared. There has always been controversy surrounding the performance interpretation of these works, since much of Casals’ interpretation was founded on a highly romanticized flare. For every cellist that has played the suites, there are differing ways to perform these works. To date there are over eighty editions of the suites, just for the cello. The suites were brought to my attention by my teacher when I was a trombonist in college. I studied these pieces from an existing edition for cello. In this new edition, specifically for the trombone, I have worked to keep the integrity of the original suites intact as much as possible, but also to add phrase markings and articulations to make the pieces idiomatic for the instrument. To begin, I went back to the original Anna Magdalena manuscript as the foundation. From there I added or changed phrase markings that would help a trombonist to play these suites as they would sound on the cello. Inevitably, anytime you take on a project like this, your own opinion and performance sensibilities come in to play. I suggest that when you work on these pieces you alter the markings to fit your sensibilities, just as Casals did or as any other person that has ever played these works has done. I have not included any dynamic indications, as those are up for debate as well. Each person who studies these works should make their own musical decisions based on their own discovery, research and musical sensibilities. As part of the editing of the suites I added in cue-sized notes in as musical a way as possible, so that a person without an F-attachment trombone can still work with these pieces. Also, note that I have retained many of the double stops from the original cello suites, as they help the performer better to understand the implied harmonies of the pieces. I believe that many of them can be performed in an arpeggiated fashion on the trombone to bring about a more complete performance. It is my hope that this new edition will help to bring these incredibly rich pieces to many more instrumentalist who otherwise would not get the chance to play them without this book. I hope you enjoy Bach’s works as much as I have enjoyed preparing this edition.

    Suite No. 1 in G Major

    Suite No. 2 in D Minor

    Suite No. 3 in C Major

     Suite No. 4 in Eb Major
     Suite No. 5 in C Minor
     Suite No. 6 in D Major
    J.S. Bach: Six Cello Suites for Trombone by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)





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