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    A working knowledge of scales and their applications to chord progressions is paramount for jazz guitarists. Mel Bay’s Jazz Guitar Scale Chart provides fingering diagrams, construction formulas in whole and half steps (in standard notation), and application (usage) for the most common scales used in jazz improvisation and composition. This easy to read and understand chart is packed full of scalar information. A ‘must have’ for aspiring jazz guitarists.

    Major Scale
    Dorian Mode
    Phrygian Mode
    Lydian Mode
    Mixolydian Mode
    Aeolian Mode (Natural Minor Scale)
    Locrian Mode
    Harmonic Minor Scale
    Melodic Minor Scale (Jazz Minor)
    Lydian Dominant
    Altered Dominant
    Diminished Whole-Half
    Diminished Half-Whole
    Whole-Tone Scale
    Chromatic Scale


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