• Pianos/NewKawai K-400 48″ Ebony Polish Professional Upright

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    The new, uniquely practical Kawai K-400* Professional Upright features a grand style music rack the places music at eye level and provides a solid surface for sheet music and oversized music books.  A New England style, dual-hinged fallboard adds to the distinctive appeal.  Come try it out at Taylor’s or for more information or a live demo call 610.696.1812, Ext.115 or email tom@taylorsmusic.com

    Key Features:

    48″ Professional Upright Piano
    • Grand-Style Music Rack
    • New England Fallboard
    • Extended Length Keys

    “Ask any discerning teacher or serious musician which brand of upright pianos is the best at providing both exceptional musicality and leading-edge technology for the player. The educated answer will always include Kawai. For over nine decades, Kawai has been at the forefront of technological leadership in the piano world. Our upright pianos have won awards not only for their exceptional tone and unrivaled touch, but also for the way their use of modern technology (including carbon fiber) produces long-lasting consistency of sound and tactile feel that has been unmatched in the piano industry and deeply valued by serious pianists for generations. May you enjoy exploring the impressive range of Kawai upright pianos. And may your search lead you to a Kawai instrument that speaks eloquently to your musical soul.”



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