• Supplemental BooksKevin Olson Preludes in Patterns – E. Intermediate Piano

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    This collection of 10 preludes contains music that sounds sophisticated and difficult but really is made from simple, easy-to-learn note and chord patterns. These preludes are perfect for the intermediate level student, for a teenager or adult who wants to play a piece that sounds challenging and musical, but that is easy to prepare.

    • Prelude in C Major 
    • Prelude in A Minor 
    • Prelude in G major 
    • Prelude in E Minor 
    • Prelude in D Major 
    • Prelude in B Minor 
    • Prelude in F Major 
    • Prelude in D minor 
    • Prelude In Bb Major 
    • Prelude in G minor 

    Preludes in Patterns by Kevin Olson


    • 98-FJH2047

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