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    All the Essential Scales and Modes in an Easy-to-Follow Format!

    Includes over 1,400 unique scale and mode patterns for all 12 keys.

    Alfred’s Mini Music Guides provide essential information in a convenient size. Take these books anywhere you want to go. With over 120 patterns for the scales and modes in each of the 12 keys, Guitar Scale Dictionary is the most useful compact scale dictionary available.

    * Fingerings in standard notation, TAB, and fretboard diagrams
    * Introduction to music theory to give you a complete understanding of how to use scales and modes in soloing
    * Over 60 unique scales and modes in each key
    * The most practical and essential scale patterns
    * Two positions on the neck for every scale
    * For acoustic and electric guitarists

    Mini Music Guides -- Guitar Scale Dictionary

    Mini Music Guides -- Guitar Scale Dictionary


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