• Flute / PiccoloJupiter Model AZ3SRBEO Professional Azumi Flute

  • Retails for: $3799.00
    Discount: (35%) $1350
    SALE Price: $2449.00
  • Product Overview

    The Azumi AZ3SRBEO Flute is the perfect step up flute for students and professionals alike. This flute features a professional Sterling Silver Z cut head joint and Sterling Silver Body, Altus Bennett Scale, wide rib construction, silver plated keys and mechanism, French style pointed key arms, and stainless steel springs.


    • Offset G key
    • French style keys with pointed key arms
    • B - foot
    • Sterling silver Z - cut head joint
    • Stainless steel springs
    • Wide rib construction
    • Split E mechanism
    • French case and cover
    • Sterling silver body and foot joint
    • Gizmo key
    • AZ3SRBEO

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