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    This method is designed for learning the finger style five-string banjo in a larger musical context than previous single style based methods. The Modern 5-String Banjo Method builds the theoretical and technical foundations needed to play in many styles. Beginning with a thorough grounding in the scales and chords coupled with well thought out fingerings in the keys of C, Am, and G, the student is presented with melodies, chord melodies, the folk strum, arpeggios, and the beginnings of the bluegrass banjo style. The varied and beautiful musical studies and exercises come from many traditions and offer a logical and organic approach to learning the five-string banjo leading the student to an authentic understanding of the processes and techniques needed for creating music on the five-string banjo. The Modern 5-String Banjo Method is in tablature only. Includes access to online audio.

    Holding the Banjo
    Tuning the Five-String Banjo
    Reading Tablature
    First String – Notes on the First D String
    Second String – Notes on the B String
    Three-Four Time
    Third String – Notes on the G String
    Pick-up Notes
    The Tie
    Fourth String – Notes on the D String
    Four String Note Review
    Dotted Quarter Notes
    Note Review
    Introducing the High A Note
    Introducing the Fifth String
    Chord Songs
    Chord Studies
    Folk Strum Chord Accompaniment
    The Eighth Note
    Melody, Harmony and Rhythm Using the Folk Strum
    Slur: The Hammer-On
    Slur: The Pull-Off
    The Double Thumbing Technique
    Combining Double Thumbing with the Folk Strum
    The Key of C
    C Scale Studies
    The Strum Adding the Fifth String
    Chord Studies
    Diatonic Chords in the Key of C
    Arpeggio Technique – Eighth Note Arpeggios
    The Triplet
    The Key of A Minor
    Chords in the Key of A Minor
    Chord Studies in the Key of A Minor
    The Key of G
    The Slide
    The Repeat
    Three Chords in the Key of C Major
    Chord Studies – G, C, D
    Bluegrass Banjo Style
    Three chords in the Key of G


    Sample 1

    Sample 2


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