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    Composed by Koji Kondo, Shiho Fujii, Ryo Nagamatsu, and Kenta Nagata – Level: Easy Piano

    The soundtrack to Nintendo’s New Super Mario Bros.™ Wii is packed with melodic, syncopated themes that sound great on the piano! With this officially licensed sheet music collection, pianists can dazzle friends and family by playing 17 familiar themes from the beloved video game. The arrangements in this Easy Piano edition are moderately streamlined compared to those in the separately published Intermediate-Advanced edition, yet they retain a full and impressive sound. Titles: Title Theme * Ground Theme * Underground Theme * Underwater Theme * Desert Theme * Castle Theme * Airship Theme * Koopa Battle * Castle Boss Battle * Toad House * Enemy Course * Invincible Theme * Staff Credit Roll * World 1 Map * Player Down * Game Over * Ending Demo.


    New Super Mario Bros. Wii by Kenta Nagata, Koji Kondo, Ryo Nagamatsu, and Shiho Fujii



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