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    The Percussion book and CD from the Do It! Play in Band series by James O. Froseth includes:

    • Modeling by Steve Houghton (LA Percussion Recording Artist and Clinician).

    • Professional studio backgrounds capture the rich diversity of American music culture with a repertoire of American, Latin American, African, European, and Far Eastern styles.

    • Music of other times, including 12th-century conductus, 15th-century Dance of the Bouffons, 16th-century French branle, 18th- and 19th-century folk songs and dances, 1940s and ’50s jazz, blues, and rock-and-roll.

    • The repertoire and recorded contexts are motivating, informative, and entirely musical.

    • Every song includes text, providing information about phrasing, rhythm, style, affect, emotion, history, and culture.

    • A unique Rhythmic Pattern Dictionary allows students to “look it up” and “listen up”.

    • An individualized format allows students to progress at different rates with a “theme and variation” format.

    • Ear training and improvisation are integral parts of the lesson format.

    • Artist performers set musical standards in sound with more than 80 great performances on CD for every instrument, and one CD lasts for the entire book!


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