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    Beautifully presented and intelligently paced, the Lesson Book combines unusually attractive music and lyrics. The book features note reading, rhythm reading, sight-reading and technical workouts. While most teachers find CD recordings very useful at the lesson and for home practice, others prefer not to use the CDs. To accommodate all teachers, this version of Alfred’s Premier Piano CourseLesson Book 1B does not have a CD included. Premier Piano Course offers today’s students a fully integrated and comprehensive approach to piano instruction, featuring a perfect blend of music, lyrics, pedagogy, art, and fun! Notation and keyboard skills are taught early on, with special emphasis on rhythm reading, technical development, creative thinking, and musicality. The many varied moods and styles of Premier’s songs provide fresh, enjoyable learning and performing experiences for students.

    Interval of a 4th  
    Premier Music Review  
    New Note A (Treble)  
    Legato (Slur)  
    Intervals—Interval of a 2nd  
    Interval of a 3rd  
    New Landmark Note—Treble C  
    New Notes B and D (Treble)  
    Moving Up from Treble G  
    New Landmark Note—Low G  
    Moving Up from Low G  
    Interval of a 5th  
    Moving Up a Half Step—Sharp Sign  
    Incomplete Measure  
    Moving Down a Half Step—Flat Sign  

    New Notes A and B (Bass


    Alfred's Premier Piano Course: Lesson Book 1B


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