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    The Level 2B Lesson Book of Alfred’s Premier Piano Course continues the expansion of note-reading skills begun in Levels 1A, 1B and 2A and includes melodic and harmonic 7ths and octaves to aid the student with moving freely around the keyboard. New items include the introduction of C and G major scales as well as three-note V7 chords in C and G. Dotted quarter and eighth-note rhythm patterns are added to other rhythms of gradually increasing complexity.

    • Premier Music Review 
    • A-B Form 
    • New Note F in Bass Clef 
    • New Note E in Bass Clef 
    • New Tempo Marking (Andante) 
    • New Notes A and B in Treble Clef 
    • Minor 5-Finger Patterns 
    • Major and Minor 5-Finger Patterns and Chords 
    • Hand-over-Hand Arpeggios 
    • f-p 
    • Interval of a 7th 
    • D.C. al Fine 
    • Legato Pedaling 
    • New Dynamic Sign (pp) 
    • Interval of an Octave (8th) 
    • New Dynamic Sign (ff) 
    • A-B-A Form 
    • C Major Scale 
    • G Major Scale 
    • The Three-Note V7 Chord in C 
    • The Three-Note V7 Chord in G 
    • Key Signature of G Major 
    • Single Eighth Note and Eighth Rest 
    • Dotted Quarter Note 

    Alfred's Premier Piano Course: Lesson Book 2B


    • AL-25721

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