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    Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Level 5 students develop their rhythm skills using sixteenth notes in 3/8 and 6/8 time. A special focus is a stylistic introduction to the Baroque and Classical masterworks. Additional pieces range from lyrical ballads and jazz styles to arrangements of familiar classic and folk themes. New concepts introduced include augmented triads, grace notes and additional scales and keys.

    • Premier Music Review 
    • D Minor Scale—Relative Minor of F Major 
    • New Italian Terms 
    • Developing a Singing Tone 
    • The Primary Chords in D Harmonic Minor 
    • Sixteenth Notes in 3/8 
    • Musical Style Periods: The Baroque Period 
    • Practice Plan 
    • Grace note 
    • Augmented Triads 
    • D.S. al Fine 
    • Sharp Key Signatures 
    • Finding a Sharp Key Signature’s Name 
    • The Primary Chords in A Major 
    • New Accent Sign 
    • Two-Octave Scales Beginning on White Keys 
    • Dotted Eighth Note 
    • D.S. al Coda 
    • Musical Style Periods: The Classical Period 
    • Cut Time or Alla Breve 

    Premier Piano Course Lesson Book, Book 5


    • AL-30897

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