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    Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Masterworks Book 3 includes standard repertoire from the four stylistic periods to reinforce concepts introduced in Lesson Book 3. Except for “Jazzy Trumpets,” the pieces are in their original form and have not been adapted. Dynamics, phrasing, fingering, and pedal are editorial in some selections. The editors have also added titles to untitled pieces. Performance skills and musical understanding are enhanced through Premier Performer suggestions. Students will enjoy performing these pieces for family and friends in a formal recital or on special occasions.

    • Cloudy Day  Composed by Schytte
    • Starry Night  Composed by Schytte
    • Tarantella in D Minor  Composed by Alexander Fiodorovich Goedicke
    • Spinning Around  Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
    • The Spinning Wheel  Composed by Beyer
    • German Dance in D Major  Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn
    • The Chase  Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
    • Bagatelle  Composed by Anton Diabelli
    • Soldier’s March  Composed by Kohler
    • Ecossaise in G major  Composed by Franz Schubert
    • Little Dance  Composed by Schytte
    • Trumpet Fanfare  Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
    • Jazzy Trumpets  Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
    • Celebration Boogie  Composed by Kowalchyk/Lancaster
    • Song without Words  Composed by Kohler
    • Springtime Waltz  Composed by Breslaur
    • Opening Act  Composed by Schytte
    • The Setting Sun  Composed by J.C. Bach
    • Folk Dance  Composed by Bela Bartok
    • The Bear  Composed by Vladimir Rebikov
    • Waltz in C Major  Composed by Anton Diabelli

    Premier Piano Course Masterworks, Book 3 by

    Premier Piano Course Masterworks, Book 3 by

    Premier Piano Course Masterworks, Book 3 by


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