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    The appealing repertoire with charming lyrics further reinforces and enhances the learning of new musical concepts introduced in the Lesson Book. Includes attractive music created by internationally acclaimed composers in a variety of styles, plus tips on how to perform more musically. Each piece on the CD was recorded at a performance tempo and a slower practice tempo.

    Ancient Dance  
    Mexican Clapping Song  
    I Just Love Pizzazz!  
    As Morning Dawns  
    The County Fair  
    Fourth Grade Band  
    I Eat My Peas with Honey  
    Scottish Plaid  
    The Tennis Match  
    My Dog  
    Our Team Will Play Tonight  
    Pogo Stick  
    Scarborough Fair  
    Snake Charmer  
    The Spelling Bee  
    Square Dance!  
    Summer Vacation  
    When the Saints Go Marching In  
    Winter Waltz  
    Mary Ann  
    I Love to Play Piano!  


    Alfred's Premier Piano Course - Level 1B (Performance Book & CD)


    • AL-22172

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