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    The fresh and appealing music contained in Performance Book 6 expands the technical and harmonic vocabulary of students. An eclectic mix of popular styles—from ballads to rock to ragtime—is balanced with favorite repertoire from the Classical, Romantic and Contemporary periods. Performance tips help the student play musically and stylistically. Each piece on the included CD was recorded at a performance tempo and a slower practice tempo.

    • 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll 
    • The Avalanche 
    • Cossack Dance 
    • Friday Night Rock 
    • In The Village 
    • Jazz Reflections 
    • Magnolia Rag 
    • Reverie 
    • Serenade de Seville 
    • Solfeggio in C Minor 
    • Sonatina in C Major, First Movement 
    • Sonatina in C Major, Second Movement 
    • Southern Dreams 
    • Trevi Fountain 
    • Twelve O’Clock Jump 
    • Valse mysterieuse 
    • Waltz in B minor 
    • The Wild Rider 

    Premier Piano Course Performance, Book 6


    • AL-34669

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