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    The technical tools and artistic skills learned in Technique 1A are enhanced and expanded in Technique 1B. Four new technique tools are introduced that relate to smooth legato, crisp staccato, rising wrist and amazing phrasing. Patterned exercises provide repetitions that make technique feel natural and artistic etudes showcase a student’s technique in an expressive musical setting. New to this level are Hands-Together Workshops that focus on developing the skills necessary for coordinating hands-together playing. Each page in the Technique Book correlates with a specific page in the Lesson Book.

    Technique Tools Review  
    Rockin’ 5ths  
    Artistic Etude 3 (Legato Connection)  
    Technique Tools Review  
    Hands-Together Workshop 3 (Parallel Motion)  
    Rockin’ 4ths  
    Technique Tool 2 (Crisp Staccato)  
    Combining Staccato and Legato  
    Hands-Together Workshop 2 (Contrary Motion)  
    Artistic Etude 2 (Expressive Legato and Staccato)  
    Walking 2nds  
    Technique Tool 1 (Smooth Legato)  
    Smooth 3rds  
    Technique Tool 3 (Rising Wrist)  
    Technique Tool Review  
    Technique Tool 4 (Amazing Phrasing)  
    A Note to Teachers  
    Posture and Hand Position Review  
    Technique Tools Review  
    Artistic Etude 1 (Singing Melody)  
    Technique Tools Review  
    Hands-Together Workshop 1 (Hold and Play)  
    Artistic Etude 4 (Tempo and Expression)


    Premier Piano Course Technique, Book 1B


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