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    Technique 2A continues and expands on the technical and artistic tools learned in Technique books 1A and 1B. The seven new Technique Tools introduced are: dynamic shaping, crossing over the thumb, solid-sounding chords, two-note slurs, seamless melodies, balance between melody and accompaniment, and damper pedal footwork. Artistic Etudes showcase a student’s technique in an expressive musical setting, and Hands-Together Workshops focus on developing the skills necessary for coordinating hands-together playing. Each page in the Technique Book correlates with a specific page in the Lesson Book.

    • A Note to Teachers 
    • Technique Tools Review 
    • Hands-Together Workshop 1 (Parallel Motion) 
    • Technique Tool 1 (Dynamic Shaping) 
    • Artistic Etude 1 (Feeling Intensity and Relaxation with Dynamics) 
    • Technique Tool 2 (Crossing over the Thumb) 
    • Preparing for Chords 
    • Technique Tool 3 (Solid-Sounding Chords) 
    • The I and V7 Chords in C 
    • Technique Tool 4 (Two-Note Slurs) 
    • Artistic Etude 2 (Creating Moods in Music) 
    • Hands-Together Workshop 2 (Contrary Motion) 
    • Technique Tool 5 (Seamless Melodies) 
    • Technique Tool 6 (Balance Between Melody and Accompaniment) 
    • The I and V7 Chords in G 
    • Technique Tool 7 (Damper Pedal Footwork) 
    • Artistic Etude 3 (Ringing Tone) 
    • Hands-Together Workshop 3 (C and G Major 5-Finger Patterns) 
    • Hands-Together Workshop 4 (D and A Major 5-Finger Patterns) 
    • Rockin’ 6ths 
    • Artistic Etude 4 (Tools for Expressive Performance) 


    Premier Piano Course Technique, Book 2A


    • AL-32077

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