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    Premier Piano Express is designed for students who need a fast-paced approach to piano study. Based on the concepts and music from Premier Piano Course, this All-In-One Accelerated Course integrates Lesson, Theory, Technique, and Performance pages. Book 3 continues the steady development of artistry and keyboard skills that began in Books 1 and 2. The book is organized into skills-based units that feature clear explanations of important musical concepts. Worksheets within each unit provide review and strengthen understanding. Included with the book is a CD-ROM that contains both audio performances on acoustic piano and orchestrated accompaniments for selected pieces. Accompaniments are also available for download.

    UNIT 1: The IV Chord  
    UNIT 2: Syncopation and Swing Style  
    UNIT 3: F Major Scale and Chords  
    UNIT 4: Ledger Lines and the Chromatic Scale  
    UNIT 5: 3/8 and 6/8 Time  
    UNIT 6: D Major Scale and Chords  
    UNIT 7: A Minor Scales and Chords  
    UNIT 8: Triads and Arpeggios  
    UNIT 9: E Minor Scales and Chords  
    UNIT 10: Inversions of Triads  
    UNIT 11: Triplets and Sixteenth Notes

    Premier Piano Express, Book 3


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