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    Premier Piano Express is designed for students who need a fast-paced approach to piano study. Based on the concepts and music from Premier Piano Course, this All-in-One Accelerated Course integrates Lesson, Theory, Technique, and Performance pages. Book 2 continues the steady development of artistry and keyboard skills that began in Book 1. The book is organized into skills-based units that feature clear explanations of important musical concepts. Worksheets within each unit provide review and strengthen understanding. Included with the book is a CD-ROM that contains both audio performances on acoustic piano and orchestrated accompaniments for selected pieces. Premier Piano Course offers today’s students a fully integrated and comprehensive approach to piano instruction, featuring a perfect blend of music, lyrics, pedagogy, art, and fun! Notation and keyboard skills are taught early on, with special emphasis on rhythm reading, technical development, creative thinking, and musicality. The many varied moods and styles of Premier’s songs provide fresh, enjoyable learning and performing experiences for students.

    UNIT 1: The C 5-Finger Pattern
    UNIT 2: Dynamics and Tempo
    UNIT 3: Tonic and Dominant in C
    UNIT 4: Eighth Notes
    UNIT 5: Tonic and Dominant in G
    UNIT 6: Half and Whole Steps
    UNIT 7: Major 5-Finger Patterns
    UNIT 8: Interval of a 6th
    UNIT 9: New Notes on the Staff
    UNIT 10: Minor 5-Finger Patterns
    UNIT 11: Intervals of 7ths and Octaves
    UNIT 12: C and G Major Scales and Chords
    UNIT 13: Dotted Quarter Note

    Premier Piano Express, Book 2

    Premier Piano Express, Book 2

    Premier Piano Express, Book 2


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