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    This fine collection of 52 duets is a welcome addition to the flute repertoire.  Beginning at the easy level and progressing through the medium level, this offers a wide array of classical compositions as well as some contemporary compositions.  Performing duets develops ensemble performance skills for students, and this is an excellent vehicle to hone those important aspects of musicianship.

    Flute Duets. Minuet, Minuet, Soldier’s Song, Fanfare Minuet, Scherzando, Le Petit Rien, The Hunting Horns and the Echo, Never a Dull Moment, Soldier’s March, Moderato, Andante, Moderato, Poco Sostenuto, Etude, Bourree, Fantasia, Passepied, Bourree, Minuet, Old French Song, Allegro, Allegretto, Allegro, the Lion Hunt, The Love Potion, Allegro Moderato, Allegro, Allemande, Musette, Pastorale, Allegro, Quintus, Crystal Moon, Entree, Bourlesq, Little Hunting Song, Minuet, Spinning Song, Vivace, Free Flight, Moderato, Moderato, Minuet and Trio, Non so piu, Allegro, Allegro Elegante, Duet No. 4, Duet No. 5, Allegretto, Polacca, Invention No. 8, Etude The Carl Fischer Progressive Duets for flute is a comprehensive publication of
    fifty-two graded duets that have been arranged or composed by Larry Clark.


    Progressive Duets Volume 1



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