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    The definitive snare drum solo-method book. Includes the 26 American Standard Rudiments, the Percussive Arts Society Rudiments, an extensive list of Drum Corps Hybrid Rudiments and 25 rudimental contest solos.
    A must for anyone that’s serious about playing the snare drum. 

    Comments about “The Rudimental Cookbook”

    “The Rudimental Cookbook is a tremendous help to all drummers, from beginning to advanced. I highly recommend this book to any serious rudimental drummer on any level!”
    Gregg Bissonette

    “This book is as complete a text as I’ve seen in awhile and is a must for every rudimental library.”
    Ward Durrett

    “Terrific book!! It applies contemporary rudimental techniques to percussion education and performance.”
    Dennis DeLucia

    “According to Webster’s Dictionary, a rudiment is the first principle of any art or science. For the Art of Drumming, these are the tap, diddle and flam. The Standard 26, P.A.S. and Contemporary Hybrid Rudiments presented are the application of these principles. The Rudimental Cookbook includes all these in one book along with a fine collection of solos. The solo material for Easy and Medium levels is very refreshing and reading the Advanced “Cheese” solos will bring a smile to your face!”
    Robert Schietroma


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