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    Denise Odegaard. A standards-based, comprehensive string method. Free CD included


    Uncluttered pages:

    Easy to follow Steps to Practice.
    Separate boxes introduce new words and concepts.
    Photos of hand position for each new note.
    Simple exercises.
    Practice Time chart at end of each lesson.

    Different pedagogy:

    Learn, Practice, and Apply. Students start with fingers down. Lesson One starts with F#, not an open string. This is  easy for a beginner. To add new notes, students just lift a finger, then another finger, and finally an open string. They also learn to read by interval.

    Comprehensive curriculum:

    Lessons utilize a Scope and Sequence concept and build upon previous lessons. Students also learn form, pitch relationships, music terminology, improvisation, and basic composition.

    Affordable, concise and teacher friendly:

    Rather than being a large textbook with general suggestions, the teacher edition presents a practical approach. Hints are concise and support each lesson.

    Proven method:

    Denese Odegaard, a nationally recognized string educator, has successfully used this method in her music classes for over 20 years.


    • NSS0002

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