• Snare MethodsThe Snare Drummer’s Toolbox

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    In the Book . . .

    • Instructions on set-up & tuning your snare drum
    • Ten lessons covering reading, stroke types, cut time, triple meter, rudiments, and more
    • 20 solos and 11 duets, each focused on the material for each lesson
    • Fun “Eye-Q Review” tests at the end of each lesson
    • Chop-Builders Page
    • The “15 Toolbox Essential Rudiments”
    • Five rudiment solos each focusing on (3) rudiments
    • A two-page “Grand Finale” solo

    Included on the DVD . . .

    • Video instruction for each lesson in the “Toolbox”
    • An interview with Scott Brown detailing classroom format
    • Video instruction on the nine “Toolbox” percussion instruments with Dr. Julie Hill
    • Two play-along tracks (mp3’s at two tempos) for every solo & duet
    • 62 mp3 “Groove Tracks” diverse in styles and tempos for practice
    • 26 mp3 Stick-Click metronome tempos
    • Over 40 pages of additional exercises, the PAS 40 Rudiments, instructions on how to build a classroom practice pad and a percussion ensemble in printable PDF format


    • RL-1021

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