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    Book 3 of the new overwhelmingly popular band method Tradition of Excellence is now available!  A music educator’s dream, Tradition of Excellence is a flexible performance-centered curriculum that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary pedagogy and cutting edge technology. The consensus is in! Directors love the music; the dynamic look; the comprehensive approach; the ability to customize teaching; the smooth pacing with careful review; and the audio accompaniments.

      And just like with Books 1and 2, Tradition of Excellence Book 3 comes with the unique and revolutionary Interactive Practice Studio (16 month subscription). Today’s students will appreciate access to all multimedia components of the curriculum on a single virtual page.  And best of all it’s fully loaded and ready for use in a performance classroom or on a Smartboard.  Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin have created a systematic comprehensive musicianship curriculum second-to-none!


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