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    Kawai GE-30 5’5” Ebony Polish Grand Piano with PianoDisc iPad wireless player system

    This piano is another of our fine, Certified Pre-Owned grand pianos that is in remarkable condition. Purchased new in 2005 originally from our store, we are selling this piano on consignment for a customer who has to move back to his home country. Serviced by our store, this piano has little wear and fits the description of a ‘low mileage’ instrument with lots of music left to make! This Kawai grand has the full, rich and mellow sound that is characteristic of a fine Kawai, Japanese engineered grand piano. The Millenial III carbon composite action gives the Kawai grands a consistent controlled touch over many years of playing, as it is very impervious to seasonal change.  Add to that, a modern wireless PianoDisc player system and you have a piano that the entire family can play.   Hundreds of songs are stored on an iPad (included) for easy control of your music. Speakers added to the under side of the player add band, orchestration and vocals from some of your favorite artists! All in all, this beautiful piano with cutting edge technology gives you a modern player piano in a medium sized Kawai Grand that is half the price of a comparable new Kawai player. For more information or a live demo call 610.696.1812, Ext. 115 or email keyboards@taylorsmusic.com


    iPad with over 500 songs, Matching Bench, 3 year warranty, FREE In home tuning

    “Drawing upon years of intelligent engineering and technical artistry, Kawai has created an exceptional instrument that offers the rich, full-bodied tone of a classic grand in a flexible size. With its resonant tone, classic good looks and advanced Millennium III Action, the Kawai GE-30 will be an impressive addition to your home or studio.”

    Product Highlights

    * Millennium III Action™ with Carbon Fiber
    * NEOTEX™ Key Surfaces
    * Brass Agraffes for optimum string spacing
    * Full Duplex Scale for rich tonal quality
    * Full Sostenuto Pedal
    * Underfelted Hammers
    * Ultra-Slow Fallboard Closing System
    * Adjustable, Sliding Music Rack



    The revolutionary Millennium III Advanced Piano Action represents the third evolution of piano touch. Combining modern material science with innovative new design concepts, Kawai has developed an action with a touch and consistency that is unmatched. We cordially invite you to experience the preeminent piano action of the third millennium.

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