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    Kawai GM-10 5’ Ebony Polish Piano Disc CD Player Baby Grand

    This beautiful Kawai GM-10 player baby grand is a combination of two technologies. First, it is a lovely 5’ ebony polish Kawai baby grand that is in mint condition! It was built in 2005, which is  young in piano years, with very little wear and tear. The previous owner took very good care of it.  It has Kawai’s characteristic rich and mellow tone. In addition, Kawai is famous for building the most responsive and durable key actions that use carbon fiber technology to withstand aging, giving you a consistently reliable touch. Add to that, the wonderful PianoDisc CD player system, and you have a piano that anyone in the family can play!  Supplied with 20 CD’s, this piano can play classical, pop, rock, standards, jazz and more with the touch of its’ remote control for hours at a time. It is a great value, since it is available for less than the price of an equivalent new Kawai 5’ ebony polish baby grand – without the player feature!  Free in home tuning, 3 year warranty and matching music storage bench, along with 20 music CD’s included. For more information or a demo call 610.696.1812, Ext. 115 or email keyboards@taylorsmusic.com

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