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    Veteran middle school band director Timothy Loest has drawn from 18 years of experience to create an all-encompassing warm-up book appropriate for elementary, middle, and smaller high school programs. Its logical sequence addresses technical issues at a variety of levels. In addition to a wealth of chorales and scales, the book incorporates articulation and flexibility studies, and an in-depth glossary of musical terms, providing answers to questions posed by younger musicians. Percussion educator Kevin Lepper has added a wealth of percussion exercises that will enhance the technique of individual percussionists while developing the overall sound of your ensemble. Warm-ups and Beyond is an ideal resource for every developing library.


    A wealth of information and studies including:

    Basic and Advanced Warm-ups
    • Scales
    • Arpeggios
    • Interval Studies
    • Chord Progressions
    • Chorales

    Key Change Studies

    Articulation Studies

    Flexibility Studies

    Glossary of Musical Terms, Symbols, and Signs

    Percussion Features and Exercises Emphasizing
    • Sticking Systems
    • Basic Rudiments
    • Playing Technique for
    • Accessory Instruments


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